Akiko Silva

A Japanese Feel - In 1988, Akiko Silva decided to repurpose old kimono fabrics that were too beautiful and unique pieces of art to dispose of into new lovely pieces of clothing and soft furnishing. This is how Patch Magic was born.

Today, Patch Magic is a charming and inviting boutique where the time stands still, located at Palais Renaissance #03-05, that specialises in Japanese apparel with modern touches and soft furnishing.

Being a strong advocate for the time-honoured practices of Japanese fine art and craftsmanship, Patch Magic's popular silk and cashmere products are hand-dyed using the centuries-old Katazome technique of stencil dyeing that has been passed down generations of Japanese craftsmen.

Obi belt Singapore


Obi belt Singapore

Kofu Stitchery

Salvage vintage indigo dye cotton fabrics & give life to them by hand applique and hand stitches called Sashiko technique.

Vintage material

AO from Kyoto

AO is a store specializing in traditional Yuzen-dyed goods. In order for more customers to appreciate Yuzen dyeing, the store also sells T-shirts, not just kimono. In addition, we stock kimono, bags, tapestries, coasters and noren, traditional Japanese curtains.

Edo Komon

Hirose Dyeworks

Samurai warriors are said to have been the first to wear EDO KOMON, kimonos characterized by intricate minimal designs and delicate hand-dyed techniques.

Patch Magic
Obi belt Singapore

Pagong from Kyoto

Pagong creates modern fashion wear using Kyoto's traditional Yuzen-dyed technique on various fabrics. The company has more than 90 years history in printing on Kimono fabric. It's now introduced at Patch Magic in Singapore.

Patch Magic