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A Japanese Feel - In 1988, Akiko Silva decided to repurpose old kimono fabrics that were too beautiful and unique pieces of art to dispose of into new lovely pieces of clothing and soft furnishing. This is how Patch Magic was born.

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Japanese Clothing

At her outlet in Singapore, Akiko Silva offers kimonos that have been brought back to life in the form of dresses, jackets, table runners and other lifestyle accessories. The re-invented kimonos are as lovely as the original pieces that she takes apart, then cuts and sews into contemporary separates and lined dresses.

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Japanese Clothing

The perception that the kimono is "unreachable because it's so complicated to wear, traditional, old fashioned and that only the Japanese can wear such things" is changing. And while young Japanese now see the kimono in a different light, Akiko Silva believes that kimonos can also be given a new twist so more can appreciate the beauty of the kimono.